Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA

Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA is a comprehensive guide to MIDP application programming and the Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) for CLDC (JSR 248) specification. Filled with practical examples and straightforward explanations, this book gives you the information you need to write sophisticated applications for an existing base of two billion MIDP mobile phones and the next generation of mobile devices.

This book provides coverage of all the APIs that comprise MSA for CLDC, everything from user interface, 3D graphics, and SVG through HTTP networking, Bluetooth, and internationalization. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Learn how to create custom screens in Chapter 9.
  • Begin creating an action game using layers and sprites in Chapter 11.
  • Display and interact with SVG documents in Chapter 12.
  • Build a Flickr web services client in Chapter 21.
  • Play audio and video files in Chapter 23.

To get an idea of the full scope of the book, take a gander at the table of contents.

Kicking Butt's text is lean, accessible and occasionally funny. Shakespeare said "Brevity is the soul of wit," and Strunk & White said "Vigorous writing is concise." I've attempted to follow both credos. My goal with this book was to give you the information you need, making it interesting and practical, without extra fluff.